Welcome! You may search for a particular contractor by name, location, or the principal type of work activity the contractor performs.

County Approved Disaster Work Permitted Contractors: To check if a contractor has been approved by county officials for disaster related work in a county, look up the desired contractor by name or registration number and review the list of counties for which that contractor has received approval.

If you cannot locate a contractor with these options, try doing a keyword search for a particular word or phrase within all fields of the database.


You may also view a complete list of all contractors who are registered with the Iowa Division of Labor Services. You may view the list by the business name of the contractor.

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Expired registrations or incomplete registrations are not listed. Please e-mail the Division of Labor or call for more information about those registrations.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Just because a particular contractor is registered does not necessarily mean this contractor does quality work. The state of Iowa does not require contractors to be licensed or tested for competence. Registration merely insures the contractor has properly completed the application process which includes providing proof of compliance with unemployment tax and worker's compensation requirements.

Reporting Unregistered Contractors:
If you know of a contractor doing construction work in Iowa who is not registered, you may file a complaint with the Iowa Division of Labor at the address below or by Your complaint need not be in a specific format but should include the following information: Name of contractor, address, city, state, zip, phone number, address where last work performed, address where working currently. Please also include copies of any contract, invoice, or other documents showing the work the contractor performed.

Reporting Errors and Updating Your Registration:
If you are a registered contractor and you see that the Division of Labor has made an error in any portion of your registration or if you wish to update the information on your registration, please contact Contractor Registration at the address below or e-mail them at this You will know your information has been corrected or updated when you receive a new registration certificate in the mail showing the corrections made.

Liability Statement: While the Iowa Division of Labor Services makes all reasonable efforts to ensure the accuracy of information contained on this website, it makes no representation or warranty as to the correctness or completeness of the information provided nor can any assurance be given as to the quality of work provided by a registered contractor or that the registered contractor is in compliance with other federal, state, county, and local laws or licensing requirements.

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